In the following, ‘content’ refers to any and all published work within LOUD. magazine or theloudmag.com, regardless of style, topic or category. The term ‘creator(s)’ is synonymous with ‘contributor’, and refers to any persons who post content within LOUD. or theloudmag.com.

These Terms are a contract between you, the user, and LOUD. By using theloudmag.com, you agree to these Terms. 


LOUD. is a not for profit publication where all opinions expressed are purely those of the creators and does not reflect the views of anyone other than the creator of which it came. All content published belongs solely to the creator and only the creator. The personal beliefs and actions of LOUD.  creators outside of this publication do not reflect LOUD.

If you are a creator, your work belongs to you and may be posted elsewhere as long as you have the permission to do so. While posting your content to theloudmag.com, you’re agreeing that doing so does not conflict with other contracts or agreements you’ve made. As a contributor, you are also held responsible for the content you post and all consequences and/or risks related to it. 

We can remove your content for any reason, but especially if it is offensive, degrading, threatening or abusive. 

You can ask to have your content removed at any time given you provide a reason to do so.

Although we recommend creators under the age of 18 ask parental permission before submitting with us, we, as a publication, are not held accountable in the event of their failure to do so.

In the event of publishing, the mention and/or appearance of persons and organizations on theloudmag.com are not an indication of sexual orientation, gender, social or political stance of such persons and/or organizations.

Content within LOUD. and theloudmag.com may not be translated or reproduced without direct permission from the creator under any circumstances. All photographic content on theloudmag.com, as well as our official social media sites, is cited from the original source. In the event of photographs not being credited, all photographic content used on theloudsmag.com does not belong to us unless further stated otherwise.

LOUD. does not tolerate hateful, abusive, or threatening comments upon our shared media on any social media network.

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Last updated: 24th of May, 2017