Write for Us FAQ’s

If you’re interested in writing for us, you can apply here. 


If I apply can I use a fake name?

Yes. If you’re accepted you have the option to write under a pseudonym.


Do we need parental permission to apply?

We recommend that contributors under 18 make their parents aware that they’re contributing content online, but we understand many aren’t in the position to do so in the event of not being out to their family. This is OK; we just recommend parents are aware of their child using the internet and posting general content, not specifically for LOUD.


What’s asked of me if I apply to be a full-time contributor on the team?

If accepted, we ask our contributors to submit a piece at least once a week. If you feel you cannot do this because you are too busy please do not apply. There is always the option of loose submitting through submissions if you don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to a schedule.


Is there a deadline to apply?

No. Applications are continuously rolling year around. If we aren’t accepting contributors at the time, you will receive an email making you aware you’ve been put on a wait list.


What do I submit as a writing sample?

Please submit an example article. You can create a mock (read: fake for example purposes) article to give us a feel of your writing styles and skills. Please make sure it’s the format of an article since you will be writing articles.


What do I put as pitches?

Pitches are article ideas that you will or want to write about. You can simply just put at least three titles of articles you’re interested in writing, or you can describe them in depth if you’d like.


If accepted, are we only able to write within the category we’ve chosen?

Yes. We’re currently in the process of expanding our team and developing more in-depth departments. That being said, the team you apply for will be the team you’re limited to. For example, if you apply for the entertainment team, you will only be able to post within entertainment categories.

We do this to ensure our contributors have the full attention of the editorial staff anytime they need it in the event they need help.


How long until I know if I’ve been accepted?

We send out emails within 3-4 weeks of submission.


Do you send out rejection letters?

Yes. Applications that are a definite no will always receive a rejection letter, as well as a short explanation on why they’ve been rejected.


It’s been over 3 weeks, I still haven’t gotten an acceptance or rejection letter.

Sometimes we don’t send out rejection letters in case another applicant falls through. You should, however, get an email alerting you that your application status has been put on a wait list.


If I was rejected am I able to re-apply?

Absolutely! If you’re rejected you may re-apply however many times you’d like. We just ask you give a gracious waiting period between your submissions and avoid flooding us with identical applications.


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