About us

LOUD. is an online publication shaped by LGBT+ teens and young adults for LGBT+ youth. LOUD. aims to create content that young members of the LGBT+ community can relate to, as well as provide a place where young LGBT+ creators can find their voice while being given a platform to spotlight their talent and work.

LOUD. magazine was created by Savannah Seymour, an 18-year-old writer from Orlando, Florida, with the goal to provide young LGBT+ teens with a publication geared exclusively towards them. Growing up as a member of the community herself, she quickly became annoyed that questions she had about topics regarding the community would be spread across various forums instead of being within one site. She often felt left out with mainstream teen magazines growing up, and when she started writing for small magazines as she got older, she realized there weren’t any magazines that offered more than a column pushed to the side for LGBT+ teens.

Especially now, even though society is progressing, she feels LGBT+ youth representation is still very limited and pushed to the side or often times gets overridden and out numbered.

After more thought went into it, she realized not only was there not a magazine that provides LGBT+ content geared towards young teens, but there weren’t any publications that spotlighted the talent and voices of young LGBT+ creators, either.

These two ideas led her to create LOUD. magazine with the help of her close friend Sara Salamat.


Meet the founders

Savannah Seymour is the founder and editor-in-chief of LOUD. Magazine. She grew up and spent a majority of her childhood in Orlando, Florida, but has a soft spot for the Florida East Coast, where she was born.

She’s the stereotypical coming of age story mixed with an overwhelming love-hate relationship with One Direction. She’s passionate about bad ass women doing bad ass things, self-love, self-care, spreading kindness, and dogs. Recently she’s taken interest in fashion,—she uses the term very loosely here— so that’s fortunate for everyone else who has to look at her.

Savannah is currently working towards a major in communications and plans to specialize in Public Relations.

You can learn more about Savannah here, as well as follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



Sara Salamat is the co-founder and social media manager of LOUD. magazine. Born and raised in the bible belt state of Oklahoma, she learned to move up to 2017 while her fellow Oklahomans stay stuck in their 1700’s views.

She currently runs her YouTube channel which she updates weekly and is working on official solo material. She has a passion for tattoos and checking her twitter feed to see if One Direction has resurrected from the dead yet. Until One Direction returns, she is perfectly satisfied with spending all her earnings on Troye Sivan and The 1975.

You can keep up with Sara on Twitter, Instagram, and her YouTube.