We have all been gaybies (gay babies) at one point, and some of us still are. I’ve been alive long enough to venture out into the world of lesbian media and pop culture to confirm that yes, I’m still very much so attracted to women after every lesbian death scene, the refusal of writers to allow characters to say they are bisexual, and the “I’m getting married, but here’s a woman that I’m attracted to so now my life is in shambles” story-line.

Never fear though, I’m here to give you all who haven’t dived into the deep end (or just want to relive the best bits) a list of shows and movies that I find were memorable for a handful of queer women. I’ll also run down my favorite moments from them. There will be some spoilers so be prepared!

10. The L WordΒ 

Shane, Carmen, Bette, Jenny(F*cking Jenny), Alice, Dana. The whole gang. Now The L Word was problematic with how it handled its trans characters, plot-holes, and overall lack of a bunch of things, but it still goes down as one of the most notable “rites of passage” for queer women. It still handled various issues decently like adoption, military treatment (show was made in 2004) and figuring out your sexuality. It gave an entire generation of queer women hope that one day they too could live as comfortably as wealthy white women in California. Whether you loved the show or not, we can all agree that Alice didn’t kill Jenny.

My favorite moments from the show:

Literally, anytime Shane and Carmen were together. Carmen was too good for Shane, but the only one truly right for Shane. I’ll never forgive Shane for leaving her at the wedding!

Shane usually looks like a sad puppy

“Hey! I will be respected while I wear your childhood dress”

When Tasha put Alice in her place when she was being ignorant about her service in the military. Alice being Alice opened her mouth about Tasha’s term in Iraq, thinking she knew anything about anything and it led to one of the funniest one liner’s by Tasha on the show “Shut up and let me f*ck you!” as they proceeded to have make-up sex. Or just anytime Tasha was on the screen.

“You just said the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard”

“I love you… but shut up”

“Are you serious right now?”

When Papi set up a basketball game for the gang versus her friends. It truly showed just how many white women were on this show as main characters and just how secluded their community of friends was. But it provided easily the funniest scene of season 4.

9. D.E.B.S.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen was also one of the best because it had Jordana Brewster and Meagan Good in it. A movie about a lesbian spy trying to run away with the villain everyone at her spy school(Yes a school for literal spies) was looking for and afraid of. Though Brewster and Good only had a couple of scenes together, there was still plenty of love between Brewster’s character and the main character Amy. Is it a bad movie? Yes. Will you enjoy it? Absolutely. It is light hearted, campy, and very silly.

My favorite moments in the movie:

Anytime Meagan Good has a gun.

How can you look at this and not be turned on?

How dramatic they all look on a swing set mid air during a mission.

Literally no one ever saw them just hanging there

The fact that Holland Taylor was in this movie just being Holland Taylor.

8. Faking It

Even though we’ll never get another season to finally see Karma realize her feelings for Amy, we’ve still got tons of fan fiction and reruns to mend our hearts. What made Faking It so relatable was the fact that most of us have had an Amy moment. In love with our best friend, miserable, and desperately trying to keep calm around them. Amy’s step-sister was intersex, there were trans characters played by trans actors, and no one died. Faking It was on the way to becoming a great show, but MTV cut it down due to low ratings.

My favorite moments from the show:

Lauren. Anything Lauren does it golden.

The most awkward and jealousy filled dinner. Karma wants to double date with Amy’s girlfriend and quickly becomes jealous. Everyone at the table feels the tension. And then Amy’s girlfriend and Karma begin to argue while Amy begins to choke from having an allergic reaction. Karma super casually has an epi-pen to inject her best friend with. It’s a dream date.

“I love her more because I keep her alive by carrying an epi pen with me just in case”

When Karma wanted to have a threesome involving her crush and her best friend, then Amy busted out in lingerie that made everyone watching simultaneously combust, including Karma.

Not awkward at all right?

7. Blue is the Warmest Color

The movie that breaks my heart every time I watch it. I still get irritated with how Adele eats food, mouth just open, smacking. I don’t have much to say because the film spoke for itself.

My favorite moment from the movie:

The fact it took one look for both of them to probably think “Let’s ruin each other’s lives for a bit” and started the entire basis of the film. This is truly the only moment that I even want to mention because you just need to watch this movie with a box of tissues, ice cream, and possibly a bottle of wine if you are old enough.

“You are going to have a sex dream about me later, just so you know”

6. The 100

Anything after Lexa’s death isn’t real and I refuse to acknowledge anything after it. Despite plot holes, occasional weak storylines, and just a large amount of queerbaiting, the show is pretty good. You’ve got science, warriors, angst. What’s not to love?

My favorite moments from the show:

The moment Octavia gets off of the drop ship with the other members. One of my favorite moments because they didn’t know about all the sadness waiting for them yet, everything was so pure.

“And then the bitches responded back that most of you are gonna be dead by the end of season 2”

Lexa meeting Clarke for the first time, playing with her dagger with the most stoic face.


“I use this to impress possible girlfriends”

The kiss heard around the world. The rest was history.

5. Supergirl

Now we all love Kara, and how much chemistry she has with Lena, but Supergirl is on the list mainly because of Alex and Maggie. They are wholesome, adorable, and getting hitched. Hopefully neither of them die next season. Then again, Supergirl is on the CW, and they have no quarrels with killing queer characters for no reason.

My favorite moments from the show:

How Kara looks at Lena is so adorable, but Maggie looks at Alex like a whole universe has opened up in front of her.

“I know we just met but I already want to adopt cats with you”

When there was a centralized plot on the fact that no one could get through to this little boy, but once he saw someone who looked like him(I mean another black person if you don’t understand yet) he began to cooperate to try to save the city from mass destruction.



Representation matters kids.

This scene is just cute as hell for some reason.

“Don’t talk to me or my girlfriend ever again”

4. Pariah

A movie that is brilliant, and heart breaking. Pariah speaks to an audience that isn’t always visible. One of my favorite movies ever because it speaks volumes about how some black homes handle sexuality and religion. I’m glad that it has a happier ending than other queer films as this film hits home too many times before it ends.

My favorite moment from the movie:

The only moment that truly matters to me is when her dad finally accepts that she isn’t coming back home to her abusive mother, and that she is happier this way.


3. South of Nowhere

I can’t leave one of the first shows to ever help me realize my attraction to women off of the list. South of Nowhere is still to this day the only show that had people of color, relatable and realistic youth issues, no queer deaths(though the one death that mattered was the most heart breaking because Clay was the better brother) and it’s main focus being the relationship between two girls trying to love each other through their own family issues and inner demons. If you haven’t watched South of Nowhere, stop reading and go search for it. Spashley for life, guys, Spashley for life.

My favorite moments from the show:

When everyone was finally fully exposed to how trash of a mother Paula was. I was so ready for Arthur to pull out the divorce papers at this point. Mind you, I was around the age of 12 or 13 watching this show, but I understood how messed up her homophobia was.

Arthur to the rescue for Spencer

When Ashley, even after all the hardship Paula put on Spencer about her and Ashley’s relationship, somehow convinces Paula to go to Pride to support Spencer. It was an adorable moment and Paula was trying to redeem herself.

“Yay gay? Is that what the kids are calling it?”

The most iconic moment from the show, when Spencer is the one that makes the move, showing up at Ashley’s door to surprise her for….*DRUMROLL* make up sex! And they get back together and move in together, years later they get married and have a baby.

2. But I’m a Cheerleader

Do you like campy movies? Do you want to watch a movie that makes no sense but you enjoy it anyways? Then watch But I’m a Cheerleader,Β it has Natasha Lyonne and Clea Duvall doing thingsΒ together. Rupaul is hilarious in it, playing a straight man. Set in a gay conversion camp, that only leads to everyone just being gayer.

My favorite moments from the movie:

The face Natasha’s character makes when she realizes she is a lesbian.

Is this the face we all make when we come to the realization that we are gay?

This kiss, it like one of those moments where you yell “Finally!”

This was done in a doghouse by the way

How hard everyone was trying to prove they were straight, but then moments like this happened.

“Am I straight yet?”

The end of the movie where Natasha’s character is trying to get her girl, cheerleading uniform and pom poms in hand.

1. Imagine Me & You

Probably the best movie in terms of no one dying, happy ending for everyone, and it isn’t too cliche. Yes there is a “Getting married to a man, but I’ve seen this woman” plot line that we are all tired of, but it’s done in a way that isn’t problematic and the guy is actually supportive of her finding a new love. And plus Piper Perabo just hasn’t aged since the release of this movie.

My favorite moments from this movie:

The iconic phrase “YOU’RE A WANKER NUMBER NINE”

The fact that they had a scene where they played Dance Dance Revolution together.

“Lesbian twins activate!”

Know any queer movies/shows that have stuck with you? Sound off in the comments!