Snapchat, in a move to expand and change the way people interact, has rolled out its latest maps feature- SnapMap, that enables your Snapchat contacts to see your exact location. When I am talking about exact, I am being very very precise. Your country, your city, your street, down to your house. It shows on Google Maps and even street view.

The social media giants intended to revolutionize the way of exploring the world wherein the maps feature enables you to see the exact location of the people you are connected to on snapchat. Popular snapping ‘hot-spots’ are also colored red, informing users of any events that might be happening nearby

In an effort to be convenient, Snapchat has only gone creepy, given that a large number of minors and women use snapchat and are at higher risks. Despite most of us having a private snapchat, there could always be that one creepy ex or that one long-lost friend we don’t really talk to anymore and whose intentions could be not nice. What is creepier is that it even tells you if someone is in a car or listening to music. Allowing people to see your location in real time is a blatant invasion of privacy and in the light of the recent increase in missing women in the States, this move is riskier than it is revolutionizing.

Other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a maps feature, too, but Facebook allows you to share your location at will and Instagram allows you to simply tag the location the picture was taken at.

Good thing this Snapchat update update comes with a ‘ghost mode’ in which you can hide your location but it continues to allow you to see your contacts’ locations. To switch to ghost mode, open Snapchat and pinch the camera screen. If you’re using it for the first time, it will ask you if you want to keep your location turned on or go into ghost mode. If this is not your first time opening the maps, click on the Settings option on the top right side of the screen and turn on ghost mode.

I highly recommend you to use snapchat in ghost mode to avoid any unfortunate incidents that might arise simply because of your less than cautious use of social media.