Police are investigating a possible hate crime in New York after three trans women were attacked, while two were injured after leaving a gay bar in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn.

Around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, London Jade, Cali Rose, and Jasmine Infiniti left Happyfun Hideaway bar after a night of partying and headed to a nearby liquor store. Being intoxicated, they were denied service and left the store.

According to police, they were approached outside by a group of three men and one woman who called the women transphobic and misogynistic slurs such as “transformers” and “f—-ts” and told them to “get off our block.”

“[They were] insinuating that myself, Cali or London were ‘for them’ or that our bodies and existence was a joke and Warranted commentary,” Infiniti later told Paper Magazine via Facebook.

The encounter turned violent when the female harasser slapped Jade and another slashed her with a knife. Infiniti’s jaw was fractured and suffered a contusion.

“London was cut on the leg. I was punched in the face,” Jasmine Infiniti said. “I chose to be non-violent. [They] took their punches and laughed. [I was] asking them if they feel better now that they have hurt us. They called more people and told me I better go before it gets worse. London and Cali had already fled.”

“My dress [was] all up. [It] brought me back to when I was a street kid and had my shoes robbed from my feet with nowhere to go,” London said, referring to how her sandals were lost in the scuffle.

Both women were sent to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, where Infiniti expects to have surgery on Thursday. Jade has since been released and returned to her home in Miami.

“They could’ve killed us… all we were doing was walking and minding our business.”- London Jade

“If you don’t understand a transgender person’s life then maybe you should listen to what they have to say instead of attacking them,” London Jade told NBC 4, New York.

Both Jade and Infiniti are musical artists, and Infiniti’s jaw injury has already lost her gigs.

“The worst part of this is how now this may affect my European tour and has already affected other gigs,” Infiniti wrote on Facebook.

“F— transphobia, misogyny, and violent attitudes. I’ve had enough!”- Jasmine Infiniti

Cali Rose escaped physically unharmed and later played at a show that would have been Infiniti’s in her honor.

A YouCaring page is raising funds to help pay both women’s medical bills and has already brought in nearly $37,000.