This morning, Fifth Harmony released the music video for their first single “Down” from their upcoming album. I wasn’t ready. The internet wasn’t ready. In just 2 and a half minutes, we got visuals, looks, and of course a closer look at how they’ve grown and matured for this new era.

Visually, it is nothing but amazing. The blue/purple tint added a sensual side to Fifth Harmony like we’ve never seen before. It suits the tropical, dance vibe of “Down”.  The aesthetic and color theme for each girl takes on another life in itself.

Everything from Ally slaying the choreography, Normani showing that she is grown on that bed, Dinah with one of the best looks she has ever served, and Lauren mesmerizing everyone makes this easily one of Fifth Harmony’s best music videos to date.

With just over 90 thousand views already as of 30 minutes after its release, this era is looking like it will be the best one so far for the girls after dropping this music video.

You can get “Down” on Itunes and stream on Spotify now.