'Kismet' short film review: Does fate bring us together?
Increases representation for LGBTQ+ people who are not whiteFun relationships between LGBTQ+ charactersLoving relationship between an LGBTQ+ person and their parent
Some low-quality soundActing could have been better
8.6Overall Score
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Kismet means fate or destiny. In the short film Kismet by Arnetta Randall, two black queer girls can’t seem to get away from each other.

After ending a long-term relationship, the main character Jessica keeps running into a sweet, but all-over-the-place, Jada. Jessica tries to avoid Jada but fate won’t keep them apart.

It’s hard to write a review of a movie like this without getting spoiler-y, but I felt like this was a sweet, sincere story. It was refreshing to watch a movie that had nothing to do with “bury your gays” or any annoying stereotypes perpetuated by most heteronormative storytellers.

One of my favorite aspects was the way Jessica and her mother interacted. Her mother’s a bit of a busybody but means well (most of the time). Their relationship felt heartfelt and comfortable, even though they aren’t always on the same page.

Jessica also interacted with other LGBTQ+ people, which isn’t often seen in popular media. Having a community of like-minded people around us is something I think is true in real life, but not portrayed. Jessica’s friends are not “I don’t understand it but I support you” friends. They understand a lot about what she’s going through, which is especially important in queer relationships.

While there is a lot to be said for the story and characters, I also enjoyed the cinematography. I’ve been taking filming classes over the past year, and finding the right shot can take forever and be very difficult. I loved the camera work. It seemed like a lot of work went into crafting the movie.

Overall, this film gets a 9/10. It told a wonderful, fun story in a short amount of time. The reasons it did not get a perfect score were occasional poor audio quality or awkward acting. Other than that, it was a really enjoyable movie! If you have the time and money, I definitely recommend watching this rom-com, especially if you’re looking for light-hearted queer representation.


Synopsis: Heartbroken Jessica meets the charismatic Jada one fateful day. Reluctant to give anyone new a chance, even Jessica had to admit that there was something to how they kept meeting. An unpleasant surprise puts the flame out of their budding romance, but will they find themselves back together? Kismet is a romantic comedy that asks the question: Does fate bring us together?

Watch the trailer on YouTube at https://youtu.be/XDdoKzj2H1U   

The film is available on Distrify for $2.99.