Alright so here is the thing: Harry Styles can sing, can make my Grandmother’s couch patterns look amazing on a suit, and he is an insanely passionate performer.

If you lived under a rock the past four nights, then you wouldn’t know Harry Styles was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden—for four consecutive nights. While I would love to write an article for each of Harry’s appearances, I thought it would be fit to just provide you a list of the ten times I was shaken to the core.

10.  Blowjob Innuendo 

When, Harry, Aaron-Taylor Johnson, and James Corden played ‘Flinch’ and Harry made a blowjob innuendo with a stick. I got some visuals I didn’t think I needed. Thanks, Harry.

9.  Acoustic Version of Two Ghosts

Look, I know I have to keep my cool and stay calm and professional but Harry sang the acoustic version of Two Ghosts, and you can fight me on this but his eyes were glassy towards the end of the song, and Twitter went WILD.


8. Covering Songs to Fulfill His Singing Problem

Night #3 we witnessed James and Harry’s previous careers as surgeons, pallbearers, and bomb squad members who have poor timing. Each scene in this skit required James and Harry to be on their best behavior. Unfountrunetly they couldn’t stop singing. I mean, that poor patient FLATLINED.

I’m will not allow any of my loved ones hire James or Harry for my funeral. 

This is some sh*t only the Trump Administration would allow.


7. Dragging the President 

Harry surpassed my expectations by taking a jab at the President.

“Of Course the big story today is that Donald Trump shared secret information with the Russians last week,” Styles said with a smile, “the good news for Trump is that he has been named ‘Employee of the Month’ by Russia.”   


6. Smashed Sign of the Times 

Harry sang his hit debut single ‘Sign of the Times’ and the audience literally were transported to Mars from how shook they were.


5. The Mesh Tank Top

Harry wore a fishnet tank top and I literally went into cardiac arrest. 


4. Ms. Briggs’ Cameo 

Ms. Briggs from iCarly somehow ended up asking Harry about One Direction.


3. He Just Wants to be Asked About Juggling

Harry shaded all the interviewers that had interviewed him for promo season when all this kid wants to talk about is his juggling skills.


2. Carpool Harryoke

That’s all.


1. Rockstar Harry Rose

Harry capped off his successful week on the Late Late Show with a powerful, heart stopping, mind blowing performance of Kiwi. The performance was great, my ears literally had an orgasm.