My little gay, nerdy heart has exploded with news when the team at DONTNOD announced in a video this morning that they’ve been working on another installment for their 2015 hit game, Life is Strange.

For those that don’t know, Life is Strange is a story based adventure game following the week of teenager Max Caulfield. Time powers, bullying, and the struggles of friendship take you into Max’s life as she tries to save the people she loves. With hilarious one-liners in a game like this:

It was a hit with the queer gaming community as (SPOILER) Max’s best friend Chloe is the bad ass queer character we all root for.

As well, Max’s sexuality is never truly mentioned, but there are underlying themes and conversations in the game that the player can make that can affect the end result (SPOILER: The gayest goodbye kiss between Max and Chloe is so heartbreaking!)

The creators sadly confirmed that they won’t be showcasing any of the new game at E3 in June this year, but will be there to enjoy the gaming event with fans and other game developers. They didn’t specify whether or not the main characters from the first game would make an appearance or if new characters would be established in the next game. Many fans should be excited though as they announced that all 5 episodes of the game will be sold as one complete disc.

I’m excited and hopeful that DONTNOD will create another adventure that will garner more cosplay and art to the series. You can buy the first Life is Strange game on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation.