Last night Canadian singer Avril Lavigne started trending on Twitter.

Seeing as the singer hasn’t been in the limelight for years now, I cautiously clicked on the tag kind of hoping that it wasn’t news of her death. Surprise, surprise, she isn’t dead. But there is a conspiracy theory that she is dead and someone took her place.

Scrolling through Twitter is the best part as it starts to sound that it’s all scarily possible. The thread was created by Twitter user @givenchyass on the 12th and it soon started to pick up traction. A woman by the name of Melissa Vandella is said to have taken the singer’s life in the thread.






If you think that’s crazy, the internet has run with this thread. The reactions to it have been even wilder. It started to make me think about the Mandela Effect, like how for all of our lives we’ve thought that the classic children’s animated show Berenstein Bears was actually spelled Berenstain Bears the whole time.




Avril has yet to speak out about the conspiracy theories, only adding fuel to the hysterical trend. Last time she made headlines is when she spoke out against the ongoing joke that no one likes the band Nickelback, back in 2015 when she was marriedย to her now ex-husband, ย lead singer Chad Kroeger.

What do you think of this conspiracy theory? Sound off in the comments.