This series focuses on and highlights LGBT+ artists in media, both in mainstream and underground art circles, spanning a variety of mediums. You should definitely have these people on your radar.

Arca, real name Alejandro Ghersi, makes music that acts as the soundtrack to disgusting and beautiful alien sex. That’s the only way I can really describe it. It captures raw sensuality and pure horror at the same time, in a way that no one before has ever managed to.

photo by Laura Chirinos

Ghersi has worked with people such as Kanye West, FKA Twigs, and Bjork, but his solo projects are where he really shines. His latest self-titled album Arca, features the first of his own vocal appearances and his most refined sounds, perfectly blending real instruments and harsh sound design. He manages to go from lush romantic ballads to barrages of monstrous noise with such ease, and while maintaining a consistent style, that it’s jaw-dropping to behold.

The hallmarks of Arca are in how visceral the project is. He explores gender and sex in the most direct and upfront way, through the sounds he uses and the visuals he accompanies with it, such as the gorgeously grotesque nonbinary monster on the cover of Xen or the brutal horror images he uploads to his Instagram. Every aspect of the project oozes incredibly strong reactions and emotions out of you. He’s not necessarily out to provoke, though; all of his stuff has a very genuine sincerity to it. It’s a little strong and foreboding at times, sure, but his creative voice is always crystal clear.

You can hear his latest album here, and you can watch him gush about his love of yoga pants here.