In the world of comics today, almost everything you hear is about some dusty old Marvel or DC superhero. Sometimes people will bring up Saga, or talk about how much they loved Archies as a kid, but it doesn’t tend to go past that. Which is a shame, because the world of comics is so much more! Comics are colorful pages of magical girls and badass witches, and sometimes comics aren’t even printed on pages at all! Webcomics are a fantastic way to support creators and get the content you want right on your phone. So let’s take a quick look through some of my personal favorite creators and their freakin’ awesome work!


1) Jen Bartel@heyjenbartel

Birds of Prey by Jen Bartel

Jen Bartel is the person who draws those super cool women you see on the web—mermaids with talons, punk Sailor Moon, girl gangs with spiked bats, and some pretty rad DC comics ladies (as pictured above) . She is also currently doing the cover work for IDW’s Jem and The Holograms series—which is fantastic—and has done work for the amazing The Wicked and The Divine series. She has cool enamel pins for sale like “Don’t @ Me” and “Mermaids Against Misogyny”. Plus, she has purple hair. What more could you want?


2) Tessa Stone@whoatess

Not Drunk Enough by Tessa Stone

Tessa Stone is one of my favorite webcomic creators. The comic is called Not Drunk Enough, it’s on HiveWorks, and it’s phenomenal. It’s got monsters, other weird stuff, relatable characters, regular updates, and most importantly, really good art. You can back volume one of Not Drunk Enough here.


3) Mildred Louis@Froregade

Agents of The Realm by Mildred Louis

Another webcomic creator that I hold near and dear, Mildred Louis has a series called Agents of The Realm on HiveWorks. It’s a realistic magical girl drama that I adore . The characters are loveable and so well drawn you want to cry, but you can’t cry because it’ll get your laptop wet and you want to keep reading. But then you cry anyways, because gosh darn it if these characters don’t pull at your heartstrings! She also contributed to the Elements Anthology with Beyond Press and hosts the C.M.Y.K (Creators Making Your Komics) Podcast with Taneka Stotts. Her Patreon is here if you want to see more of her upcoming work!


4) Kate Leth@kateleth

X-Files by Kate Leth

Kate Leth is a Canadian artist and writer who has worked on comics such as Adventure Time, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock, Vampirella, Patsy Walker: A.K.A Hellcat!, Power Up, and Girl Over Paris. She also updates an online comic strip called Kate or Die! and has contributed to the acclaimed podcast Welcome To Nightvale. She also had her own podcast called LESS THAN LIVE where she talked about comics, geek culture and life. In addition to all this, she somehow finds time to bless the world with her Flash or Die! blog, where she creates flash tattoos that you can put on your body.


5) Steenz Stewart@oheysteenz

Daria by Steenz

Steenz is an illustrator and one-half of the duo—the other half being the incredible Ivy Noelle—bringing a comic called Archival Quality to life in 2018 with Oni Press. She also contributed to the Elements Anthology with Beyond Press. She draws her own characters as well as characters like Kamala Khan and Miles Morales. Her art style is so unique and cute, and so are her creations, so check out her stuff!


6) Wendy Xu@angrygirLcomics

Terry Shin by Wendy Xu

Wendy Xu is an Asian-American comic writer and artist living in NYC. She co-created and draws the beautiful comic Mooncakes, and gave the internet the best boyfriend in the world- Terry Shin, who is half man, half pigeon, all perfect. Her work has been featured as part of the Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion exhibit permanently housed at the Chinese Historical Society of America, in Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology, and in Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World. Her Patreon is here, and here Twitter is here if you want to see her take on terrible Pinterest recipes.


7) Naomi Franquiz@No_Nami

La Canción de la Madre by Naomi Franq

Naomi Franquiz is a Latina artist who is currently a BOOM! box artist. She is working on the upcoming MISFIT CITY series by Kiwi Smith. Her art is interesting, smooth, creative, and sometimes reminiscent of the work of James Jean. Naomi also has some beautiful art on her Tumblr, and has published short comics titled S.O.S- Swimming or Slowly Drowning? and Mercy. You can check out her gallery here, where you can purchase prints of things such as the amazing Beyoncé art shown above.


8) Paulina Ganuchea@PlinaGanucheau

Emma and Misty by Paulina Ganucheau

Paulina Ganucheau is the acclaimed artist of two-hit new lady-led comics, Zodiac Starforce, and Another Castle, as well as the artist who drew the Gotham City Sirens art used as the featured image of this article. She draws magical girls in a magical way, her panels always looking like the kind of shiny and kickass adventure you’d want to be on. The leads of Zodiac Starforce (written by Kevin Panetta, who is also a really great creator) are all diverse in size, shape, and color, which makes the series that more magical and exciting. You can buy Paulina’s enamel pins here, and you can support her Patreon here.


9) Genué Revuelta@hrtbrokentweets

La Sirena by Genué Revuelta

Last but certainly not least on our list is Genué Revuelta, colorist of the super lovely online comics Full Circle and Love Circuits, and she also worked on the Elements Anthology. She draws incredible Overwatch art on her Tumblr and has had some pretty cool enamel pins come out on her Kickstarter. Genué works on many projects (including Love Circuits) with Taneka Stotts, and together they have a Patreon which you can support to see all the details of their amazing and original webcomics.


This has just been a short list of some creators I thought were worth mentioning. Remember to always support your artists and not discount people just because their comic isn’t about traditional gritty superheroes. Feel free to comment your favorite creators or comics below!