Patrick Wolf made his debut in 2003 with Lycanthropy, an album that rose to critical acclaim. This South London singer takes great care before releasing new music, and the payoff shows in the pure love infused into every note.

As of 2017, he has released six albums and thirteen singles. Wolf utilizes a combination of classical instruments and electronic pop in much of his music, a choice that makes him stand out even among other underground artists. Wolf is known for never limiting himself, and his wide variety of genres exhibit this clearly. He has dabbled in everything from baroque pop to indietronica.

Sundark and Riverlight, his most recent album, focused on Wolf reimagining several of his older songs. It was released in 2013, but fans aren’t missing out: Wolf’s Instagram is full of cadence and beautiful imagery.


Wolf’s concert at DK Zueva, Moscow, February 21, 2013 (Photographer Unknown)


Wolf’s poetic lyrics and stunning stage presence have garnered a loyal fanbase, affectionately dubbed the Wolf Pack. He interacts with fans on Twitter often.


Wolf chooses not to label his sexuality and was engaged to William Charles Pollock in 2011. Little else is known about the singer’s personal life. One thing is for sure: we hope to see and hear more of this brilliant mind in the very near future.


Top 5 Song Recommendations:

  1. Damaris
  2. Hard Times
  3. The Magic Position
  4. Tristan
  5. Oblivion


The official Patrick Wolf shop can be found here.